Case Study

CEEGEC avoids project delays through innovative cargo solutions

Ceegec Solar Project2

PSA Cargo Solutions supports Singapore’s largest floating solar photovoltaic (PV) farm with a complete logistics and supply chain solution

This positive experience has strengthened our close working relationship with PSA. We are confident that their customised cargo solutions can add value to our supply chain management and we look forward to a deeper partnership with PSA

Mr Zhao Zhi Ming,
Senior Logistics Manager, CEEGEC


China Energy Engineering Group Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd (CEEGEC), a subsidiary of China Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd (CEEC) was commissioned to construct a floating solar farm in Tengeh Reservoir. CEEGEC is one of the largest comprehensive solutions providers for the power industry in China and globally.

The challenges

CEEGEC had multiple inbound containerised and project cargo shipments throughout the entire project duration. For one of its shipments, due to congestion upstream in Northeast Asia, the vessel’s estimated arrival in Singapore was delayed. This would have serious ramifications for CEEGEC as the cargo delay would have brought about work stoppage at the construction site, resulting in project delays and cost overrun.

Further, there were some breakbulk cargo that would have needed to be transported at night due to the height limit regulations on the roads. This meant that the cargo would have to be unloaded at the construction site at night, which sparked some safety concerns.

The Solution

For the cargo that was delayed, PSA Cargo Solutions Southeast Asia (PCSS) arranged for priority discharge of the shipment. As soon as the vessel berthed in Singapore, PCSS quickly identified the containers and arranged for them to be trucked out immediately.

To overcome the roads’ height limit constraints, PCSS also devised an innovative solution which allowed us to rework the breakbulk cargo to address CEEGEC’s concerns regarding night operations. This way, we would be able to keep within the roads’ height limit of 4.5m, thereby avoiding the need for night delivery and unloading.

As the single point of contact in Singapore, PCSS is charged with handling the inventory as well as meeting all their logistics needs.

In January 2021, we faced an uncertain delay in supply shipments from Northeast Asia for our local projects in Singapore. At one point, our inventory ran extremely low and operations were on the brink of total stoppage

Mr Zhao Zhi Ming,
Senior Logistics Manager, CEEGEC



As a result of PCSS’ personalised solution and prompt services, CEEGEC managed to keep the project running on schedule, avoiding incurring costs that would have resulted from the work stoppage should the cargo be delayed.

PCSS’ innovative solution of reworking the cargo also resulted in increased productivity for CEEGEC that contributed towards an efficient project delivery. More importantly, it helped to ensure safety at the construction site as the cargo no longer had to be transported and unloaded on site at night.