Case Study

Changjiu Logistics benefits from automobile Distribution Centre in Fuzhou

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Distribution Centre in PSA’s Fuzhou Container Terminal’s Logistics Park, the first for China ports, and innovative solution enables increased market share and customer reach for Changjiu Logistics.


Vehicles capacity at the Distribution Centre


Changjiu Logistics Holdings (Changjiu Logistics) is one of the biggest automotive logistics service providers in China and a professional global partner for auto supply chain solutions. Domestic vehicles were transported by truck from across China to Fujian for sale.

Changjiu Logistics Illustration Reversed

The Solution

PSA Fujian Supply Chain Solutions (PFS) helped Changjiu Logistics to set up an intermodal network by leveraging Fuzhou deepwater port’s strategic location with a seaport, railway depot and being connected to other multimodal transport networks. This way, Changjiu Logistics will be able to expand their provincial and hinterland outreach.

Through the intermodal network and setting up of a Distribution Centre (DC) – the first port automobile DC in Fujian Province and for China ports – at PSA’s Fuzhou Container Terminal’s Logistics Park, vehicles can be consolidated from factories across China to Fuzhou Container Terminal’s DC via rail, road and ocean. PFS would then act as the operations backbone of the distribution network and provide the full suite of logistics and supply chain services.

The DC can accommodate up to 2,200 vehicles at any one time. It offers a wide range of services to get the cars ready for delivery to showrooms including documentation and declaration, vehicle modifications such as to the mirrors, seat leathers, etc., and inspection.

The next phase will be to work with Changjiu Logistics and their customers to have increased visibility of their cargo flow.


The Results

This pioneering and innovative solution resulted in increased market share of vehicles distribution to Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan and other provinces, benefiting Changjiu Logistics and the wider community.

For Changjiu Logistics:

  • Leveraging Fuzhou deepwater port’s rail and ocean connectivity has greatly reduced the reliance on road transportation, thereby enhancing safety and sustainability as well as lowering logistics costs.
  • The intermodal network has helped to expand the hinterland reach and expand Changjiu Logistics’ customer base.

For the local community, this innovative solution and DC has:

  • Elevated the ‘Roll-On, Roll-Off’ (RORO) service capacity and service level of the port area;
  • Attracted more new brands and agents to promote the development of the automotive industry; and
  • Promoted the development of the import and export business of container vehicles.