Case Study

Metsä Board achieves an optimized, connected and sustainable supply chain

Fionia Cuypers
408 tonnes

Carbon emissions reduction per year

Metsä was looking for a robust, efficient and future-proof supply chain solution to serve its overseas markets out of Europe with the lowest possible environmental impact.


Metsä Board (Metsä) is a leading European producer of premium fresh fibre paperboards. It is part of the Metsä Group which is owned by over 100,000 Finnish forest owners. As a front-runner in sustainable bio-economy, Metsä was looking for a robust, efficient and future-proof supply chain solution to serve its overseas markets out of Europe with the lowest possible environmental impact.

PSA Cargo Solutions worked closely with Metsä to understand their ambitions and designed a physical and digital offering to meet their needs in terms of logistics, compliance and sustainability.

The integrated cargo solution for Metsä between Zeebrugge and Antwerp (in Belgium) includes terminal handling, warehousing & stuffing, barge transportation and the digital capabilities of PSA’s CALISTA® platform for customs declaration and Verified Gross Mass (VGM) submission.

The Solution

Optimize the physical flow and reduce their CO2 impact

In this integrated solution, PSA takes care of all terminal handling operations for Metsä in Zeebrugge and manages the barge transport between Zeebrugge and Antwerp. From Antwerp, one of the largest ports in North Europe with 110 services to 125 countries, Metsä can connect to the world, thereby enhancing their customer reach.

Further, by shifting the hinterland transport mode for Metsä’s cargo flow from truck to barge, PSA Cargo Solutions has helped Metsä achieve 408 tonnes of CO2 emissions reduction per year.

Underpinned by a digital solution to enable automation and data reuse for supply chain efficiency

Beyond just a physical logistics solution, PSA Cargo Solutions utilized the CALISTA platform to enable Metsä to:

Automate their regulatory compliance documentation

The flow starts when PSA Cargo Solutions receives information from Metsä for the discharge of their papers reels from the breakbulk vessels and the subsequent stuffing into containers in Zeebrugge. After confirmation of the stuffing, CALISTA reuses the data from the logistics instruction to trigger a full automatic export declaration to the Belgian customs authorities. The CALISTA Compliance dashboard provides Metsä with full visibility of the acceptance of this export declaration and returns a customs cleared status, backed by a Movement Reference Number (MRN), in Metsä’s ERP system.

Provide timely and automated VGM declarations to the carriers

After stuffing, the captured metadata is used to automatically calculate the weight of the export containers. Thereafter, CALISTA provides the VGM of each container to the respective shipping line. The weight is instantly shared with the deepsea carriers and Metsä immediately receives a VGM acceptance notification.

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PSA Cargo Solutions provides a complete end-to-end physical-digital solution for Metsä. Besides offering intermodal transport underpinned by a digital solution – which has helped Metsä to achieve its logistics and sustainability ambitions – we add value by offering enhancements to their supply chain. We are currently working on providing full visibility of Metsä’s supply chain and intend to include deepsea booking and trade advisory services via CALISTA™ in the future.