Case Study

PSA Cargo Solutions provides critical support for India’s COVID-19 relief

Psa Cargo Solutions Provides Critical Support For Indias Covid 19 Relief 4

Seamless coordination and expedited handling of containers of empty oxygen cylinders via PSA terminals

PCSS was on hand readily to offer a one-stop solution and guided us through the entire operation seamlessly

said Shekhar A, Executive Director – Olam International Ltd

The Background

India was facing severe oxygen cylinders shortage as the country grappled with a deadly second wave of the pandemic. Amongst several of its initiatives to support India’s COVID-19 relief efforts, Olam International Ltd, a global food and agri-business company headquartered and listed in Singapore, was exploring the possibility of donating empty oxygen cylinders to India.

The Challenge

Relief donation shipments involve a different set of shipping documentations and process hence it was new to Olam. PSA Cargo Solutions Southeast Asia (PCSS) stepped to the fore to handle the coordination with the various parties involved in this donation.

It was critical to get the shipment over to India expeditiously so people can get access to life-saving equipment as soon as possible.

The Solution

PCSS handled the entire door-to-port service including the preparation of all shipping documentation and arrangement of expedited clearances and handling. Freight booking was done seamlessly and efficiently on PSA Cargo Solutions’ digital platform, CALISTA. PCSS also took care of the coordination with all parties involved including the supplier, Olam and destination broker to facilitate a smooth shipping flow at both origin and destination. Having all documentation in order ensured the critical shipment was cleared immediately to aid in the COVID-19 relief efforts. We also assisted with the applications of the Certificate of Origin and Marine Insurance.

PCSS also arranged for top stowage with the carrier and co-ordinated with PSA Chennai to carry out priority discharge at the destination so the relief shipment can get to the people in need as soon as possible.


The close coordination by PCSS with the source and destination terminals, PSA Singapore and PSA Chennai, as well as their expertise in managing the entire documentation and shipping process ensured the shipment was delivered seamlessly.

We also managed to secure space on one of the many services from Singapore to Chennai to send out the shipment within 3 days from cargo ready date – a feat considering the current tight space situation.