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Terminal Value-Added Services

PSA Cargo Solutions Southeast Asia (PSA Cargo Solutions) has launched a series of Value-Added Services to support cargo owners. These services include Priority Discharge, Top Stowage, Express Delivery, Flexi-Alerts and Fast Connection Management for containers moving via Singapore.

Our suite of Value-Added Services is carefully designed to tackle your supply chain challenges and keep your supply chains flowing smoothly and safely.

For time-critical cargo arriving in Singapore, Cargo Owners may request for Priority Discharge of shipments when the vessel berths at PSA Singapore. Possible solutions can include identifying the containers onboard and coordinating the early discharge of these shipments.

Cargo Owners with export shipments requiring optimal discharge and expedited delivery at discharge ports can request for Top Stowage.

PSA will work with stakeholders to top-stow time-critical cargo to allow the downstream ports expediency in discharging the cargo and arranging for onward delivery.

Express Delivery is designed for Cargo Owners requiring assistance to achieve the timely delivery of cargo to factories or consignees. The suite of services that can be coordinated by PSA Cargo Solutions includes the sharing of vessel arrival information, assessing stowage plans for the timely discharge of containers and facilitating truck standby for taking direct delivery of the containers when discharged.

Cargo Owners requiring timely updates of Vessel Arrival / Departure Times or critical container milestone events such as Container Load or Discharge Times can subscribe to “Flexi-Alerts” via CALISTA.

The alerts will be sent through email or SMS to provide Cargo Owners with easy tracking of logistics movements and changes proactively in the current dynamic situation. Flexi-Alerts’ threshold-based intelligent monitoring allows timely alerts to be sent to Cargo Owners without them being overwhelmed by excessive notifications.

This solution is for Cargo Owners requiring critical connections to be facilitated vessel-to-vessel for transhipment containers.

PSA will coordinate operations with stakeholders to facilitate critical connections.

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