In a recent World Bank (Transport) webinar, themed “COVID and Beyond: Maintaining Global and Domestic Logistics”, Regional CEO Middle East South Asia & Head of Group Business Development Wan Chee Foong represented PSA to share his perspectives on sustaining logistic flows in the aftermath of this worldwide pandemic.

One key point Chee Foong highlighted was PSA’s commitment to innovate and stay alongside our partners, especially in terms of adopting technological solutions to provide greater visibility and efficiency for our customers.

PSA continues to work towards helping the end customers, whether it’s the shippers or the consignees to “get clearer visibility of where the bottlenecks are, and more importantly, where their shipments are,” he said.

With growing regionalisation, Chee Foong emphasised the need for hubs and gateway ports to work “in tandem” to develop and support the flow of efficient trade and logistics by having more point-to-point connections.

He also said that PSA, as a global port operator, would continue to ensure that the facilities in gateway ports will be able to cater to the larger vessels, “in order to provide better economics (and) lower the freight and logistics costs”.

Moving forward, Chee Foong reiterated that the COVID-19 crisis has served as a “strong catalyst” for the PSA Group in terms of developing sustainable terminals.

“This is so not only for greater maritime efficiency, but also for jobs, environmental sustainability, providing resilience in cargo flows, and ensuring the safety of port workers, their families, as well as the community.”

To view the full webinar recording, click HERE.