In today’s complex global supply chain, inefficiencies are manifold and the physical flow of goods may be constrained due to asymmetrical or erroneous information flow, compliance and regulatory issues, lack of data standardisation as well as financial risks associated with credit terms, payment and insurance.

To overcome some of these challenges, PSA has developed a platform to facilitate trade and help shippers to better manage the physical movement of goods, trade financing and compliance. The platform will be named ‘CALISTA’, an initialism for CArgo Logistics, Inventory Streamlining & Trade Aggregation. PSA is embarking on this journey together with Global eTrade Services (GeTS) Asia Pte Ltd, a fully-owned subsidiary of CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd.

CALISTA is a global supply chain platform that brings together the key physical and non-physical – such as regulatory and financial – activities of logistics on a digital eco-system that serves the community of logistics players and stakeholders. Taking advantage of advanced digital technologies, the platform aims to reduce inefficiencies for the global supply chain by interacting with systems and applications (existing and new) of various stakeholders. CALISTA will streamline processes, documents and data in the flow of goods within and across countries and regions. Stakeholders will benefit from the reduction of data duplication, automated handshakes across nodes, improved authenticity of data flow and access to accurate and up-to-date status visibility.

In this age of digital disruption, CALISTA will help to position PSA at the heart of digitalised global trade. Working seamlessly alongside our stakeholders, CALISTA will enable PSA to provide value-added services and game-changing business solutions to our customers.

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