PSA International is co-leading the development of a new data infrastructure pilot aimed at boosting the interconnectivity of the supply chain ecosystem. The Singapore Together Alliance for Action (AfA) on Supply Chain Digitalisation – an industry-led coalition between Singapore’s industry players and government agencies – will examine how ecosystem players can participate meaningfully in the digital economy, to co-create a supply chain that is trusted, efficient and resilient.

The AfA on Supply Chain Digitalisation is co-led by PSA International Group CEO Tan Chong Meng and Trafigura Group’s CEO-Asia Pacific Tan Chin Hwee. Together with industry stakeholders and in consultation with the government of Singapore, the AfA arrived at the need for a common data infrastructure to resolve critical pain points in the ecosystem.

The common data infrastructure will augment existing data sharing systems and platforms by connecting the supply chain end-to-end, creating visibility and transparency, linking importers and exporters, shipping companies and financial institutions. It will provide both large and small companies with access to exchange data in an efficient, trusted and secured way.

“COVID-19 has revealed both vulnerabilities and opportunities in the global supply chain ecosystem. It is Singapore’s ability to rally together multiple stakeholders to co-create and bring a common vision of supply chain end-to-end visibility to fruition, that will set it apart as a trusted global trade and logistics hub. The development of a common data infrastructure is our opportunity to enable large and small businesses to optimise their supply chain flows through Singapore, promote long-term sustainability as a key nodal hub in the global supply chain, and at the same time, support Singapore businesses in expanding their export markets,” said Chong Meng.

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