On 28 March 2019, PSA and Fujian Provincial Communication Transportation Group Co. Ltd. (FTG) signed two framework agreements in Fujian, in the presence of Fujian Provincial People’s Government Vice-Governor (VG) Zheng Xin Cong.

PSA and FTG agreed to cooperate on a Digital Business Logistics Platform (DBLP) for Fujian, which aims to leverage the core strengths of both partners to provide an integrated platform that orchestrates the supply chain. The platform will connect and use key platforms like PSA’s Global Portnet and CALISTA™, the global supply chain platform developed by PSA’s subsidiary GeTS Asia, and include core functions such as freight booking, trade financing and data analytics.

PSA and FTG also signed an agreement to set up a Special Purpose Vehicle company for the purposes of exploring joint investments in port logistics and related supply chain infrastructure projects in Indonesia.

PSA Group CEO Tan Chong Meng, PSA Regional CEO Northeast Asia Roger Tan and PSA Regional CEO Southeast Asia Ong Kim Pong led the PSA delegation to Fujian to meet with VG Zheng and share about the latest collaborations between FTG and PSA. During the meeting, also outlined was PSA’s vision to create an “Internet of Logistics” in Fujian and beyond, to drive supply chain logistics transformation and create new business value through the DBLP project.

At the end of what was a very successful meeting, VG Zheng affirmed and officially endorsed the project blueprint for an integrated supply chain platform development in the Fujian Province. Commending the planned new joint ventures, he encouraged further collaborations between FTG and trusted partners such as PSA, to co-create the future of supply chain logistics.