Over 50 representatives from freight forwarders based in Singapore gathered at PSA Building on 7 December 2018 for an afternoon of industry sharing, networking and refreshments. Hosted by PSA’s Group Cargo Solutions team, the event sought to showcase PSA’s cargo solutions products, share our vision of building the “Internet of Logistics”, and invite the freight forwarder community to partner with PSA to create compelling new business value for their customers, the cargo owners.

Guests were treated to a port tour of PSA Singapore’s Pasir Panjang Terminal, and a visit to the Living Lab gallery to see automated guided vehicles (AGVs) on live trial. This was followed by a series of presentations at PSA Building by PSA’s cargo solutions team, as well as by our partners GeTS and DBS Bank on CALISTA’s products and offerings. Haulio, one of PSA unboXed’s startups, was also invited to introduce their Singapore-based digital haulage platform to the audience.

As we continue to confront the seismic shifts in our world and create new opportunities, the Internet of Logistics event is one example of how we build partnerships and strive to communicate, collaborate and co-create alongside our adjacent business communities – charging up the industry with purpose and possibilities!