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Orchestrate your supply chains with CALISTA™

What is CALISTA™?

CALISTA™, which stands for CArgo Logistics, Inventory Streamlining and Trade Aggregation,​ is an open, neutral platform that enables global supply chain orchestration by integrating physical, financial and regulatory flows​ on a single digital platform.

Control Tower

PSA Cargo Solutions Control Tower

PSA Cargo Solutions Control Tower covers the end-to-end cargo flow management, from origin to destination, so you can get full visibility and control of your supply chain on a single platform.


Now, you can have visibility of key container events at your fingertips with CALISTA™ P!NG. Know the vessel’s Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and Departure (ETD), when a container is loaded and discharged, and when it enters or exits the terminal’s gates.

Hero Calista Ping
Hero Calista Ping+


With CALISTA™ P!NG+, you can get a full view of what happens to your goods within PSA Antwerp terminals (Noorzee Terminal & Europa Terminal) for better downstream and last mile planning.

Success Story

Automation and data reuse for supply chain efficiency
Beyond just a physical logistics solution, PSA Cargo Solutions utilized the CALISTA™ platform to enable Metsä to automate their regulatory compliance documentation and provide timely and automated Verified Gross Mass (VGM) declarations to the carriers. This has given Metsä greater supply chain efficiency, saving them time and resources to focus on their core business.