PSA Cargo Solutions Control Tower

Enabling visibility, optimisation and control of your global supply chain

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Your supply chain visibility tool

As a Beneficial Cargo Owner (BCO), we know that visibility of your supply chain is key to planning and management. PSA Cargo Solutions Control Tower covers the end-to-end cargo flow management, from origin to destination, so you can get full visibility of your supply chain on a single platform, CALISTA. You can view key milestones such as the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), Estimated Time of Departure (ETD), Actual Time of Departure (ATD), Actual Time of Arrival (ATA) and even predictive ETA (for ocean shipments) of shipments across different modes of transport - ocean, rail and road. With this increased visibility, you will be able to optimise your last mile transportation planning.

With its proactive alerts and exception management capabilities, you can be alerted should there be any potential deviations or delays to your shipments. This would enable you to react faster and take proactive actions in the event of any disruption. This includes rerouting shipments when facing an impending disruption or delay, or utilising PSA’s Terminal Value-Added Services such as Priority Discharge or Express Delivery at selected PSA-operated ports to keep your supply chains flowing smoothly.

Visibility across the supply chains is offered via PSA’s digital supply chain platform, CALISTA. With PSA Cargo Solutions Control Tower, you and your vendors get a single source of truth of real-time events on one integrated operating platform, and can track shipments, collaborate and manage your supply chain workflows. Customised business rules can be set up to support and manage workflows, with alerts triggered to ensure compliance of all the supply chain processes.

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Giving you control of your supply chain

You can perform your logistics activities, such as booking freight across different carriers, managing your Purchase Orders (POs) and documents, tracking shipments, generating reports and analytics, as well as collaborating with your vendors easily on a single platform. You can also monitor carriers’ and service providers’ performance at one glance with the dashboard and analytics per your agreed Service Level Agreements (SLA) and perform supply chain optimisation per business rules. This saves you time and resources to allow you to focus on your core business.

PSA Cargo Solutions Control Tower also provides alerts at key milestones so you can respond quickly to exceptions. For instance, alerts can be triggered if a booking has not been processed, a shipment window is missed, a vessel departs late, or if there are delays at Customs. It also allows you to generate different types of reports including for analysis of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and carrier management.

With PSA Cargo Solutions Control Tower, you can leverage our technology to optimize and digitalise your supply chain with a smaller investment, in a shorter time and can benefit from the supply chain expertise of the PSA Cargo Solutions team.

Value Added Services Within Hub

Logistics Services

  • PO Management
  • Booking Management
  • Shipment Track & Trace
  • Exceptions Management
  • Reporting
  • KPI Tracking
  • Dashboard
  • Vendor Management
  • Carrier Management

Why PSA Cargo Solutions Control Tower?

  • Provides you with full visibility of your supply chain
  • Optimises last-mile planning
  • Helps you keep your supply chains moving smoothly and efficiently
  • Saves you time, money and resources
  • Improves collaboration between you and your vendors
  • Helps to ensure workflow compliance for smooth and efficient cargo flow
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