Barging in Singapore and Europe


Sustainable barge transportation

Barging is a reliable, sustainable and cost-efficient mode of transportation for large volumes of goods as compared to trucking. Besides avoiding traffic congestions hence, the higher reliability, you can also reduce your carbon footprint as barge transportation is an eco-friendlier mode of transport. For large volumes, it is also more cost-efficient as compared to arranging for multiple truck moves. 

Some of our barge services include:

  • Jurong Island Terminal Barge Service
  • Antwerp Hinterland Barge Service

Jurong Island Terminal Barge Service

PSA’s unique barging terminal on Jurong Island plays a pivotal role in supporting Singapore’s vision as a Chemical Hub. The barge service between PSA Singapore and PSA Jurong Island Terminal will see around a 30% reduction per TEU in emissions compared to the equivalent journey using trucking. Close to ten companies on Jurong Island such as ExxonMobil, Sumitomo Chemical Asia, and The Polyolefin Company use barging as part of their sustainable supply chain management.

Psa Jurong Island Terminal

Antwerp Hinterland Barge Service

PSA Antwerp is directly connected to major European waterways, easing transport to economic centers in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland.

Our current regular connections to and from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Ghent and Zeebrugge can help you to move your containers reliably and sustainably around the region.

Key Benefits

  • A more sustainable and cost-efficient (for larger volumes) mode of transport as compared to trucking
  • Greater schedule reliability

Success Story

PSA Jurong Island Terminal in Singapore achieved a record container volume of more than 100,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) in the year ending 31 December 2021. The new record volume is significant in creating a more sustainable supply chain, as it means a reduction of 100,000 truck trips between Jurong Island and PSA Terminals on mainland Singapore. Transportation of container-on-barge is more environmentally friendly as it can reduce carbon emissions of up to 30% for each TEU container as compared to trucking.