Fourth-Party Logistics Provider (4PL)

Global supply chain orchestration


Making your supply chain your competitive advantage

Embark on a higher level of global supply chain management that offers you a single platform for data aggregation and a control tower view of your supply chain from end-to-end, including warehouses, shipping companies, freight forwarders and agents. ​

As your 4PL partner, we help to ensure greater visibility and control of your global networks, resulting in more streamlined and optimized supply chains for greater business success.

Key Services

  • TMS​
  • Transport & order management​
  • Carrier management & visibility​
  • Account management​
  • Performance reporting​
  • LSP tendering​
  • Global & regional control towers​
  • Data integration and management​
  • Real time visibility & monitoring​
  • Predictive & real time tracking​
  • Freight, audit & payment​
  • XONAR data synchronization platform​
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Value-added Services (VAS)

  • Procurement​
  • Tender management​
  • Vendor performance​
  • Savings & compliance tracking​
  • Supply chain consulting​
  • Supply chain optimization ​
  • Network modeling​

Key Benefits

  • Cost savings from improved visibility and understanding
  • Streamlined and optimized supply chains
  • Increased visibility to individual shipments as well as entire networks
  • Multiple providers in one end-to-end view for ease of supply chain management
  • Advanced events monitoring
  • Innovative technology that readily interfaces with existing systems and vendors​
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