Lead Logistics Provider (LLP)

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PSA lead logistics provider

Your Lead Logistics Provider

Is your supply chain facing lengthy cycle times due to decentralized processes and vendors​? Are you spending a lot of time tracking cargo? These are some of the common challenges that many Beneficial Cargo Owners today experience.

As your Lead Logistics Provider (LLP), we have the advanced supply chain technology and customized logistics solutions, combined with deep logistics expertise, to help you analyze, develop and implement successful supply chain management strategies. You can reduce your operating costs, cycle time, inventory and liability risk from end-to-end. ​

Key Services

  • Plant/client coordination​
  • Freight forwarding​
  • Customs brokerage​
  • Data analytics​
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Value-added Services (VAS)

  • Integrated NVO offering​
  • Document management​
  • BCO carrier allocation management​
  • Control tower services​
  • VGM / ISF​
  • EDI communication ​
  • Destination pre-alert​
  • Destination coordination​

Key Benefits

  • Reduced capital investment and increased cash flow​
  • Improved supply chain reliability through performance management processes​
  • Innovative technology solutions for every part of the supply chain​ for greater efficiency and agility
  • Comprehensive visibility to the global supply chain​
  • Customizable exceptions management alerts​ for better downstream planning
  • Improved customer service through increased quality and efficiency​
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