Multimodal Connect: Europe-Asia Pac

Enhanced intercontinental connectivity

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What It Is

Shippers today are faced with unprecedented transit times, unreliable schedules and an increased demand to lower carbon emissions. Enter our Multimodal Connect: Europe-Asia Pac, a unique, reliable multimodal rail and sea end-to-end solution linking Europe with Asia Pacific via China.

With PSA’s owned and managed railway stations and port facilities in strategic locations such as Chengdu, Chongqing and Qinzhou, and BDP’s NVOCC BDP Transport, we are well positioned to offer priority services, transloading, warehousing and ocean freight transportation to move your cargo between Europe and Asia Pacific via China.

Whether it be an eastbound rail service from Europe to Asia Pacific via China or a westbound service from Asia Pacific to Europe via China, PSA is your single point of contact to help you achieve enhanced intercontinental connectivity.

In addition to rail freight between Europe and China, we provide transloading services in Chongqing, Chengdu and Qinzhou as well as the connecting sea freight to/from Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and Oceania. We also offer trucking services from Vietnam to China for cross-border China Railway (CR) Express service to Europe.

To help you achieve a smoother cargo flow, you can request priority handling of your time-critical cargo at selected PSA-operated railway and port terminals in Qinzhou and railway terminals in Chongqing and Chengdu.

Core Services

  • To provide pre-carriage & railway freight services at the following locations between Europe and China:
    Europe: Lodz & Małaszewicze (Poland); Tilburg (the Netherlands); Duisburg (Germany)
    China: Chongqing; Chengdu
  • Provide standard equipment: 40’ HC
  • Receive laden from shipper at Departure Railway Station
  • Railway freight: Free On Rail – Free On Rail (FOR-FOR)
  • Cross border procedures and rail gauge change at borders
  • Daily status update
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Optional Services

  • First mile, last mile and value-added services available
  • Empty delivery and laden pick-up to/from shipper’s warehouse to Departure Railway Station
  • Customs clearance at source, additional insurance coverage, issue of House BL, control tower management
  • Multimodal (rail-ocean) service from Chongqing, Chengdu and Qinzhou (China), to North East Asia (Japan and South Korea), South East Asia and Oceania

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced end-to-end solution between Europe and Asia Pacific

  • More cost-efficient and eco-friendly than air freight

  • More reliable scheduling and quicker transit times than “all-sea” equivalents

  • Complete visibility of cargo movement through digital solutions

  • Integrated solutions available for additional cargo movement needs

  • Simplified customer experience orchestrated by PSA BDP experts

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Success Story

20x Lower Carbon Emissions

A customer in the FMCG industry was moving personal care products via air freight from Lodz, Poland to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and South Korea and was able to achieve 20x lower carbon emissions by switching to rail.