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Expert facilitation and Customs clearance for smoother trade flow

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Our expertise, your competitive advantage

Today's supply chain landscape is becoming increasingly complex. You need a partner who is flexible, knowledgeable and can adapt to the needs of a dynamic business in an ever-changing world. PSA Cargo Solutions offers the full suite of import and export Customs services through BDP International’s qualified and licensed Customs brokers. You can count on BDP’s Customs House Brokerage (CHB) services to help you mitigate trade compliance challenges such as overpayment of duties and improper documentation. BDP’s teams of Customs brokers, with their deep local experience and expertise, work closely with government agencies to ensure adherence to the strict local standards and regulations.

We offer customizable industry solutions to fit the needs of your business and have specialty expertise in numerous high-care verticals​.

Key Services

  • Shipment documentation​
  • Export customs declaration​
  • Letter of credit documentation​
  • Process coordination​
  • Cargo release, customs declaration filing ​
  • Document visibility & retention
  • ISF preparation for 3rd party nominated by the customer​
  • ISF submission as customer’s agent​

A wide range of value-added services such as VGM filing, duty drawback, application of Temporary importations & ATA Carnets and other government agency filing are also available. Contact our Customs experts for us to customize a solution that is tailored to your needs.

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Key Benefits

  • Knowledgeable and qualified licensed Customs brokers to minimize the risk of delays or penalties, ensuring more efficient trade flow and lower logistics costs
  • Providing visibility of key shipment milestones and customizable exceptions management alerts, hence saving time by eliminating manual tracking and allowing for better downstream planning
  • Ensuring performance reliability and consistency with carrier and vendor neutrality
  • Compliance risk mitigated through diligent and standardized processes, stringent reviews of individual business needs and partnering an experienced global team with vast industry knowledge
  • Greater efficiency with streamlined submission processes via dedicated digital application
  • Leverage BDP’s exceptional standing with US governing bodies​
  • Access to customs experts for additional regulatory needs ​
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