Forward Hubbing

Getting your goods to more markets with a shorter lead time

Forward Hubbing1

What It Is

Forward Hubbing, also known as Advanced Transhipment Management (ATM), is offered by PSA Singapore. It has been a proven solution for cargo owners especially those from the petro-chemical sector. With wide carrier options, frequent sailings and excellent connectivity from PSA Singapore, cargo owners can forward-hub their inventories in Singapore – even in the absence of buyers - to benefit from both faster lead time to key markets in Asia and a wider outreach to an expanded base of customers in global destinations. Products can be staged in Singapore’s Free Trade Zone (FTZ) in full container load. The solution is currently offered for General Purpose containers. Requests for this solution for reefers, Dangerous Goods and isotanks are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Inventory flow visibility via CALISTA™

With CALISTA™, PSA’s digital supply chain platform, shippers have full dashboard visibility of their inventory including information such as ageing profile, and can gauge inventory levels against safety stock levels. PSA Cargo Solutions can also orchestrate inventory picking according to your needs (e.g. First-in, First-out).

The enhanced supply chain visibility can help to reduce wastages and improve your utilization of plant space.

Inventory Flow Visibility Via Calista


Freight Management

Freight Management

Value-Added Services within Hub

  • Multimodal transportation
  • Labeling at Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) and container levels
  • Transloading to mitigate Detention & Demurrage (D&D) costs
  • Inventory management
  • Compliance & financing services
  • Shipment track & trace
  • Trade advisory
Value Added Services Within Hub
Forward Hubbing Key Benefits

Key Benefits

  • Faster time-to-market 
  • Wider access to global markets with PSA Singapore’s excellent connectivity and multiple carrier / service options 
  • Streamlined inventory management across carriers 
  • Greater supply chain agility with Value-Added Services 
  • Reduce wastages and improve utilization of plant space with automated picking algorithms and digital visibility of entire inventory flow on CALISTA