Sea-Air Intermodal

Supply chain optimised for cost, speed, reliability and resilience

Sea Air1

What It Is

By leveraging Singapore’s strategic location and sea and air connectivity, PSA Cargo Solutions can offer a seamless sea-air intermodal service to help you deploy and divert stocks quickly. This way, you can not only mitigate the impacts of supply chain disruptions for greater resilience, but also achieve an optimal balance of speed and sustainability with this intermodal solution.

For further cargo flow enhancement, you can utilise PSA Cargo Solutions’ complementary port services such as top stowing of containers, fast connection management and priority discharge of containers.

PSA Cargo Solutions can also offer trade route advisory on schedule, frequency and transit time via Singapore hub to help you optimise your supply chain and get your goods to their destination quickly.

You can also achieve full shipping and intermodal visibility via a single platform, CALISTA™.

Key Benefits

  • Greater inventory flexibility for better time-to-market
  • Greater reliability and resilience
  • Optimal balance of speed and sustainability compared to an “all-air” or “all-sea” solution
  • End-to-end intermodal visibility via CALISTA

Success Story

S$500m Additional Revenue
The sea-air intermodal solution has created a niche market segment for our customer, creating an ‘economy’ delivery service to complement their ‘premium’ (all-air) services, further expanding their revenue by S$500 million in the last year.